Compressed Air Systems

What type of filters should a compressed air system include?

Compressed air naturally contains many contaminants such as dirt, water, and oil. Filters protect the equipment from failure and prevent contamination and spoilage of the goods. There are three filter types. First, particulate filters remove dirt and dust from the air. Second, coalescing filters remove oil and moisture. Finally, activated carbon filters remove odors and vapors.

What are the different types of compressed air piping and what qualities determine the type of piping needed?

Since industrial compressed air is usually produced on-site at a facility, piping is used to transfer the air. There are two types of piping commonly used to move compressed air. First, steel pipes are used. These are strong and can withstand high pressure and temperature, but are heavy and expensive. Second, plastic piping is sometimes used. It is light, easy to install, and cheaper. Yet, plastic pipes cannot handle high pressure.

Strength and temperature are the determining factors about which type of pipe to use. A manufacturer must know the pressure in the system to choose piping strong enough to handle it. He also must consider the temperature of the area where the piping is installed, as high temperature areas will require steel piping.

How does medical compressed air differ from industrial compressed air?

Many important functions of a modern hospital depend on medical compressed air. It is used in anesthesia, lung ventilation, intensive therapy, pneumatic surgery tools, nebulizers and more. Since medical air is involved in critical applications, medical air compressors must meet two vital requirements: it must keep oil separated completely from the air compressed, and no toxic or flammable contaminants may reach the air.

What qualities should a consumer look for in a compressed air company?

Experts call air the fourth utility today. This indicates how important compressed air has become in industry. Since that is the case, it makes a manufacturer’s choice of a compressed air company very important. The following are important qualities such a company should possess:

It should be able to deliver clean, dry compressed air with its system.
It should have certified technicians available. It should offer the option of rental of the compressed air system. Many industry experts recommend rental of a compressed air system for a business. They point out that this allows a facility to avoid large capital expenditures for a system while providing the latest equipment.

“Air is life,” says the inspirational adage.

Certainly, this is true in modern industry as compressed air breathes life and energy into so many processes and applications.