Types Of Ambulance Services

Long Distance Ambulance Services: Non-Emergency

There are a lot of people who have to travel a great distance to get to quarterly or annual checkups at a major medical center. These are often people who are having post-operative checkups or are having treatments for a disease or another disorder. Some of them may not have family who can take them on long trips or maybe they cannot afford it. Even though it is not an emergency trip, the client may need oxygen or have some other symptom monitored. In this case, a lot of ambulance companies will take people to different cities or sometimes a different state. Each case is individual, and it depends on the person’s needs and method of payment. Again, these services may just require a medic van or SUV.

Long Distance Ambulance Services: Emergency

helicopter ambulanceSome local hospitals just do not have the staff and resources to treat certain accidents or acute illnesses. In these cases, ambulances take people to the nearest major medical center in-state or out of state. The decisions may be made when the paramedics first access the patients or later in the primary medical facility. The ambulance will probably use its lights and siren to alert other drivers to clear the way for them to safely get the patient to his or her destination. Long –Distance transportation is usually covered by the person’s insurance plan.

Life-Flight: Emergency Transportation by Air

There are some situations that are so volatile and critical that an ambulance could not be fast enough to transport the patient to the proper medical facility. Many people who are victims of car accidents or other extreme trauma must be transported by helicopter get to specialists in a hurry. People who are severely burned need specialized critical care and are just about always taken to a burn unit by air transportation. Sometimes, people are in such a bad condition that they are immediately flown to the hospital. Other times, a critical patient may already be in a hospital and needs immediate, life-saving measures that only a distant specialized hospital offers. These are Eurocopter_EC_145_(D-HWVS)_of_ADAC_at_Góraszka_Air_Picnic_2005the times that people rely on emergency air transportation. There may be some rare cases where a patient is involved in state-of-the -art treatments and may be flown by a medical helicopter.

The emergency helicopter is just like an ambulance in the sky. It is staffed by experienced medical personnel who can keep the patient stabilized until they get to the hospital. Some of them are used exclusively for burn victims and are equipped with the necessary equipment to help keep them alive.

The emergency transportation business is vital to our communities. These professionals take us where we need to be, whether in an emergency or non-emergency situation. They have good rapports with area hospitals and work with them as a team to get the best care possible for the patients. It is a service that we can all appreciate.